Exploratorium on Learning at work

ELIG is highly committed with workplace learning for large enterprises and SMEs. Through its network, ELIG deployed a Living Lab with the participation of a number of companies working in the TEL field. These companies provided a set of complementary profiles from basic technical level to executive roles, which explored the findings from WP1, WP2, and WP3. ELIG provided feedback to these WPs and to Task 4.1, about orchestration. The process was deployed in an iterative fashion and based on associate communication nodes, so that every participant got inputs and provided feedback from-to a number of other participants of the same company and from the general network, in a multi-directional infrastructure.

The final goal concentrates on describing behavioral patterns, performance reports, usage reports and other outcomes, about the actual implementation of WP1, WP2, and WP3 findings. The Workplace learning Exploratorium engaged, at least, 5 companies to implement the HoTEL innovation support model.

Check here for more details about the innovations involved and results.