Exploratorium on Informal learning in Professional Networks

The European Federation for Quality in eLearning (EFQUEL) counts 118 organizations in the network across Europe. It counts a broad variety of stakeholders focused on Education like, i.e. universities, companies, national (accreditation) agencies, and other networks, so that EFQUEL becomes a network of networks itself. EFQUEL enhances the quality of technology enhanced learning by providing a new services framework for members and support for all stakeholders. EFQUEL will design and deploy a Living Lab that will encourage pro-active participation from every single member of the network. HoTEL will be supported by a diversity of countries, profiles, organizations, languages and, in short, multi-cultural approach, that will facilitate the implementation of findings from WP1, WP2, and WP3, orchestrated by Task 4.1. In doing so, EFQUEL will provide a valuable feedback from emerging TEL, TEL theories, and grassroots innovators, which will be shared with the other HoTEL Labs and the overall Exploratorium. This Learning Exploratorium Lab will complement the approach of Task 4.2 (more focused on Higher Education and the educational ecosystem inside an institution), and of Task 4.3 (more focused on workplace learning and companies).

The innovations supported by the Lab are described in pages 53-59 of the Integrated Labs Final Report and pages 397-544 of the Annexes to the Report.