Learning Exploratorium Labs

The Learning Exploratorium Labs represents the key concept of the project in terms of multiplying potential: in three innovation-friendly learning environments (one in higher education, one in a corporate setting, one within an international professional network focused on eLearning quality) the ideas, suggestions, experiences collected and presented by the first three WPs were discussed, analysed, explored in their potential and feasibility, possibly validated, conceptually or practically, depending on circumstances- and prepared for broader consideration/adoption by decision makers, industry, research and teachers or training entities.

The Learning Exploratorium Labs can be considered a sector-oriented variant of the well-known concept of Living Labs, with some specificities: the thematic cohesiveness on new ways of learning through ICT is much stronger than the territorial links; the focus of impact is on European development, involving different categories of stakeholders at international level; the Learning Exploratorium Labs are trying to develop their own paradigm of operation and its flexible Quality Assurance Toolkit.

Nevertheless, several elements of their concept are similar to that of Living Lab (open innovation ecosystems where to co-create, explore, experiment and evaluate innovative ideas, scenarios and concepts in a multi-stakeholder environment; transforming and users in co-produces of innovation, etc.). The work-cycle of the labs will itself be subject to assessment and review in view of its adoption by a new generation of Learning Exploratorium Labs to be constituted in other innovation-oriented learning contexts, beyond the contractual and time borders of the proposed Support Action, in view of becoming a solid network (Learning Exploration Labs) on which a potential European Innovative Partnership on lifelong learning and ICT might rely.

The following Exploratorium learning labs were deployed during the project lifetime:

The work on those labs supporting the innovators was implemented according to a Methodological Framework, which details are presented here. This document can be used as reference for future initiatives supporting innovations in TEL.

The results of all labs activities are described in the Final Integrated report, which is available here.

As part of those outcomes the HoTEL Innovation Support Model was validated. Check more details about the Model here.