Project Overview

HoTEL (HOlistic approach to Technology Enhanced Learning) is a Support action of the 7th Framework Programme which aims to design, develop and test a support model for innovation in the area of Technology Enhanced Learning.

The assumption based on which the project was conceived is that the innovation cycle (idea -> prototype -> test -> innovation -> market) in the field of TEL is so long that it seldom leads to exploitable innovations and often traps potentially disruptive innovations into the chronological limits of EU-funded projects in the field.

HoTEL tried to address this challenge by designing and testing an innovation support model (specific for TEL) in three labs - the HoTEL Learning Exploratoria- that run for a period of nine months (from September 2013 till June 2014).

The Learning Exploratorium Labs acted in the field of adult learning covering respectively: the higher education setting, the corporate setting, the informal learning setting within professional networks.

An Open call for innovators was launched in June 2013 to gather applications from TEL innovators to become members of the Labs and have their innovations discussed and /or tested within the Labs (learn more).

The innovations selected dealt with TEL in one of the settings covered by the Labs. They covered some technologies relevant to the emerging technology landscape in the field of TEL and to key learning theories influencing innovation in TEL as identified by HoTEL.

More details about the work of Exploratorium Labs supporting innovators are available in the Learning Exploratorium section of this site.

Check how to establish proper mappings between the emerging technologies and learning theories and practices as an useful aid when defining a potential innovative solution to address some existing challenge in organizing, delivering or managing learning

All details related to the Innovation Support model developed in HoTEL are available in the section dedicated to the model.

If you are interested in taking part of the HoTEL community of TEL innovators click here.