HoTEL Open call for TEL innovators

Giving voice to Europe finest innovations

What is it?

The HoTEL project, with the support of the European Union’s FP7, is working to propose a new approach able to foster the adoption of innovative ideas in the field of Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL).

With the present Open call for TEL innovators, HoTEL is looking for “innovations” dealing with concrete technology-enhanced learning activities that can be “tested” through the HoTEL Labs in the context of Higher Education, Corporate, Informal education community/network. These can be ideas, research results, teaching practices, and any other “innovation” that can demonstrate and promote the benefit of ICT for education at large. The call is open from the 1st of June to the end of September, but the project. Early innovators articipants from earlier on will benefit from concrete support and feedback from the HoTEL Labs teams.

The call is open from the 1st of June to the end of July, but the project activities will go until summer of 2014. The selected early innovators will benefit from concrete support and feedback from HoTEL Labs teams.

Why participate?

…and why not? You have at least four good reasons:

  1. It is a great opportunity for promoting your “innovation” to a broad audience and to to increase the visibility for your work
  2. It is an opportunity for your “innovation” to be evaluated by the experts of the HoTEL Laboratories
  3. It is a way to test your “innovation” in real world settings in the context of Higher Education, Corporate, Informal education community/network through the HoTEL Laboratories
  4. It is a way to be connected with other TEL experts, teachers, trainers, researchers, tutors, managers in the fields of Higher Education, corporate learning and professional development.

Is the Open Call targeted to you?

The call is open for any kind of innovator in the field of TEL. We look for candidates…
who developed an idea in a specific TEL context and who want to test it in another context,
whose innovation is at an early stage of development,
whose innovation has been developed at a small scale and who want to mainstream it,
who have “invented” something radically new and would like to test it in an innovation-friendly environment.

Not clear enough? We collected some sample real-world use cases you can consult at this link.

How does it work?

First, you should describe your “innovation” through this form (Application phase closed) , stressing your what is new about your idea or practice, and how you think your work can make a difference.

All the “innovations” received by the 30 of July will be analysed by the HoTEL Labs experts, and at least 10 innovations will be selected by each Laboratory. Out of these 10, each Laboratory Exploratorium will test least 3 “innovations” in their own community, providing support towards scalability and mainstraeming.

The innovations not selected by the Laboratories will get personalised support from the HoTEL team to increase their scalabilty potential.

What about the timing?

1st of June 2013: Launch of the Open Call
30th of July: Close of the Open Call and start of the first selection. Application phase closed
1st of October: Feedback is provided to all participants
2nd of October: The selected “innovations” are started to be tested in the Laboratories

Who is behind?

The following institutions are partners in the HoTEL project and organize this Call:

MENON Brunel unir EFQUEL Atos ELIG

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